Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It was just a dream...!!

This poem of mine was published in our college magazine Ripples '08.

It was just a dream...!!
The green board,looked dull
with dust and chalk
All I could see was the,
numbers whispering to each other.
I felt like the windings were,
making big whirlpools
I felt like,I was being thrown,
out of a cruising aircraft.
Jeez...!!what am I seeing...?
Someone just hurled that,
dc motor at me !!!
I dodged,but I cracked my,head,
against the huge transformer.
In deep agony,I realized, and
my jaws dropped dead deep
Gawd....!!!This is our machines lab...!!
The motors came to life
with a thunderous roar.
In the corner,the series motor,
gave me a cold stare.
The heavy load on the ground,
was heating himself up
as to pounce on me with vengeance.
I could feel the generators
moving behind me.
The shelves in the room
looked like huge canons.
Ready to pelt the
watt meters,ammeters and voltmeters at me.
I felt something hit my forehead
I shut my eyes tightly,
to meet the inevitable.
A few seconds paused,gently
I opened my eyes.
I was still in my maths class,
the teacher had,just hit,me
with the chalk in her hand.
My heart still pounding,I
gave her a weak smile.
I breathed a sigh of relief....,
It was just a dream....!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Holy Shit..!!!

Friday, the 12th of February was Maha Shivaratri. Now I don't know why it is celebrated.
May be, like most of the other Hindu festivals, it has got something to do with murder.
Haven't you noticed? Most of the Hindu festivals are there because the Lord, in his/her some form or other had killed the bad guy(s). I think in Kerala, a certain God has a certain kind of monopoly in a certain area. For example, Lord Krishna has his ways in Guruvayur. The people of Guruvayur have their allegiance pledged to him. Now people in Vaikkom would dare not, utter any name, other than "Shiva shiva". Well in my small village Lord Shankara(Shiva) rules. I have very fond memories of Shivaratri as a kid. But I had missed this for the past 6 years as I was trotting from hostel to hostel, doing nothing. The 10-12 day festivities comes to an end with the "Aarattu"(the immersion of the lord's idol in the temple pond). There is a huge procession with elephants, decorated floats, " chenda melam", "panchari melam", "singari melam" and drunkards. In short its a feast for your eyes.
All those years I used to watch this from the courtyard of a house that belonged to a Muslim family, with whom my family were friends with, even before my dad was born. Now the point is that, in our small village a festival is for everyone. There is just people and no divisions.
Kasim maama(everybody calls him so), the head of this family is one of the most cordial and affable persons I have ever met in my life. That should be the reason, why his courtyard and house were so packed on occasions like this.
I had to take my grandmother to Kasim maama's house at around 7.00 in the evening to watch the parade. We reached there and was sitting in the living room with his grand kids watching Tom & Jerry. All of a sudden a mob rushed in. Don't worry it was not the usual kind. It was mostly elderly and middle aged women and a few girls. Finding a place to sit, was a bit difficult for the ones who came in a bit late. I got up from my seat, a bit confused about what the commotion was about. Sweating profusely and panting heavily an elderly lady in the group said to the little girl holding the remote: " Koche vegam aa Asianet onu kuthi thaa. Maanasaputhri ipo thudangum...".(Kid quickly change the channel to Asianet, Maanasaputhri(the 7.00pm soap opera) will be starting soon). Now i couldn't help myself, the words came quickly of my mouth. Two words," HOLY SHIT",that is all I said. I am pretty sure that not many people in that room understood what that is. But I did get a look of disgust from one of the younger girls.
I quickly took my leave from the room. Sitting on a chair outside, I was thinking how could people watch this kind of crap and that too for this long.(the soap in focus have been aired for some 3 years running ). Now no one in my family watched this crap.They watched the even more pathetic, one aired just after this. If my memory serves me right it is called Parijatham. I can't believe my eyes and ears when I see my retired dad sitting and arguing with his mother about the moral righteousness of the lead character or how wicked the mother-in-law is. I mean, I can understand if my grandmother curses the wicked "bahu"(daughter-in-law) or fold her hands into a prayer when the lead lady is about to be subjected to domestic violence, but my own father... how could he possibly do this????!!!!
I think it is high time we pull the plug on such waste of premium airtime. Why don't they just put on a nice family movie during that time??? I usually don't like reality television. But it is a tad better than this bull crap. What do you think????

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Running away...

Hello folks...??? How ya bin?
I know, i know... i promised to write a lot of stuff.. but...!!!
Yes its all about that "but" today. Why people... why???
Why do we always make plans and just don't care to fulfil them..??
Why do we keep running away from things...???
I dont know... for me ... i am just one lazy ASS..
TO catch up fellas...(if there is actually some one reading my crap).. i joined a coaching institute in Trivandrum for the upcoming entrance examinations..(by the way i am planning to do my post garduation in Management). Its bin 2 months and i still dont hav a clue about what i am looking at..or what should be my real focus??
Agin there we go... to all my friends who read my blog.. please do leave a comment
so that i can thank you..hahahaa.
And this time when you leave the comment please give the answer to my question.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Silent Word

Hello folks..!! Last Wednesday marked the end of an era.(If you can call it so). I came down the winding roads one last time as an "Engineer". I remember some 3 and half years ago i came up this winding roads as a "NOBODY". It was raining heavily then, and i thought the rains wanted to tell me to get lost from the wilderness of Munnar. Call it symbolic, it was raining heavily when we(me, Nehra and Achayn) were leaving. The rains were crying for us, they simply wanted to tell us that we are going to miss Munnar. Now the idea of relating this rain and our departure was not mine. It was Achayan i think. However i liked it, i was lost in that very thought for quite some time. And when i left, i did not even tell a word to my own MAALAM boys, for the fear of breaking down. Yes my dear friends, for the first time in years i am feeling so depressed, so dejected, so unimportant.
Ahhhhhhhhhh... the solitude is killing me. I just hope you guys would understand my silent words.
The Gods would hear my silent prayers for you. I am stopping here... I can't think of anything else right now. And hey.. i promise to, keep my promise, of writing about MAALAM. And i swear that i will not try writing anything serious or scentimental in my blog hereafter.

Friday, April 17, 2009

My big extended family

Helloooooooooo dear folks. I told you i would be posting more. That wasn't a joke.
Now as i promised, to tell you about how we spend our normal(abnormality occurs 5 days a semester, on the eve of university exams) evenings in Munnar. Before i begin with that, i find it absolutely necessary to introduce you to the members of my big extended family, my home away from home, the most infamous, the most dreaded MAAALAM.(something like a rat or snake hole, call it a snake hole).
Now talking about my room mates there were 12+1+2. Thinking why i didn't write 15. I'll come up with it on some other day. Lets just say that there were 12 of us including me. For starters i'll enlist their names and pet names.

1. Jimson John aka Machan aka Sneham
2. Mathew George Pattara aka Mathayi aka MGP.
3. Nidhin Mathew Simon aka Nehra aka Nehru
4. Sojin Paul aka Kilavan aka Security
5. Vinay Jose aka Thalaivar
6. Sreekanth T N aka SRK aka KP(Kaksham Pokki)
7. Anoop T S aka Saleem aka Chathan
8. Dipin G(i am surprised now, that he doesnt hav a pet name, although in some circles he is known as Kalippu Bhaskaran. ask me which circle and i will not tell you.)
9. Rijo Thomas aka Payyanz.(was also called Eldho in his Purvashrama).
10. Harikrishnan R or simply Hari
11. HarishAravindan aka Harry as he calls himself
12. Anil Anand aka me aka Kullan aka Nari.
13. Jobin Joseph aka Vattoly

There are few pet names that would be considered in appropriate by the persons who actually own them, so i am forced to omit them. Now u can see that the 13 th member is Vattoli. He has been living with us for the past 3 years but has not given a single rupee as rent.But i wouldn't call him a post. Because Maalam gets in ful swing only with him. As they tell he is the blood and flesh of our sweet home. There are a few more names that would be categorized as the blood and flesh of Maalam
Jino Xavier aka Pazham(He was an original member of maalam but later became the victim of accute parenting. There are a few more victims. I'll tell u later.)
Ashwin George aka Achayan
Naveen Prakash aka Prak
Vishnu s Nair aka CP
Nishant R aka Vava
Rahul A R aka Data aka Compression
Shannel K Andrews aka Cheviyan
Sreenath aka Adimu
And there are some names that come on and off. I'll be mentioning them as we move along.
Thats all for today, its time for me to bathe. Unlike Munnar and Maalam where all of us consider bathing very sacred and perform it once in a while(say once in a week or two). Sojin was the only exception. The guy used to bath everyday, everymorning in the freezing cold. The rest of us would avoid the water except for brushing and you know what..? C ya.... i love bathing when i am at home.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Farewell

The Farewell.
Well well all my kind folks i am back with a bang..!! Guess i would be posting more from now.
Lemme start with a tear in my eyes for i will miss my college which i have laothed for the past 4 years. Now ask me why i miss my college?? Because i will miss that beautiful face, that sweet smile and.... Wake up sucka' do u expect me to brag more about my best kept secret...!!! Well i'll miss Munnar for its chill, my friends, the lazy evenings spend around the bottles of White Mischief, Honey Bee and the long lost Old Port Rum. Though i was not regular in getting drunk i reckon i could n't sleep a single day without the pungent smell infiltrating my nostrills. Ohhh... i am getting lost here. I plan to post a series on our typical evening in Munnar. Beware.. i intend to spill some beans. Ahhh...!!! Talking about the tear. I am not quite sure how my life is going to change after college so are all my friends. Some are making plans but majority are makin plans on how to actually make plans..! These young engineers, i am telling you... are defenitely a very confused lot.
And look what the dilemma has made us do... I am writing this blog and Vinay has already finished a short story titled 'Mazha'. (Thanks to the heavy rains that had prevailed in Kerala for the past couple of days). I can imagine what some others are doing at this moment...
There would some fingers going numb from pressing the keys of cellphones, somebody awake in the late hours with a phone plastered to their ears, or even someone getting kicked out of an internet cafe. (Not that he watched some porn or weird stuff, but simply becuse it was their closing time).
Look what a simple farewell had made us do... let me warn you things may get out of hand in the coming days. There should be some way out. The best thing that could happen to us right now, is that the Sun failing to rise tommorow morning.
Ohhhh.. i am forgetting something here. I strongly feel the need to express my heartfelt gratitude to my friend Jithin V Mohan who was the first person to actually read my blog and express an opinion about my crap. Thank you pal, as they say I thank you from the bottom of my heart..!!
So all my friends i am coming with lot of nonsense.. and a lot of stories .

Friday, May 23, 2008

Food Crisis: Are we eating too much?
Well Well, all ya nice fellas out there..!! How ya bin?
This ain't no time for fun,ma'..u gotta damn bloody crisis out ther!!
Wondering what is the crisis..?!! Please don't panic no alien invasion is happening.
Well, folks i do support ,Uncle George's view.(OHHHHHHHHHHHHH..George W Bush.. you moron..!!).
It seems that the CIA personnels are really bored. You know why..? Ask me.
They should be, as Saddam, is no more and Laden, is one helluva bite.
So they just started sneak peeking into our(Indian) kitchens. Guess what..!!! They come
out with the most shocking discovery.
(Believe me this one is much better than finding Saddam from some underground den).
And the word is that we are eating sooooo much that it can very shortly lead to a shortage of cereals at the global level. Well I think, boy these Americans are genius..! I mean how could they find out one of the best kept secrets in the world.

The one thing that you should admit is that, they are so bloody right..!!! Just look how much Indians eat..!!!
Almost one third of our billion finds it hard to get more than a meal a day. But boy i gotta tell you that the remaining two thirds are a really hungry lot. They can simply sit in their homes and create a world crisis.
Just like that...!!!

But for the record, Mr. George Bush and his lunatic "white coat" buddies can simply burn millions of tonnes of cereals in pursuit of some bio-fuel and yet they don't even come close in causing any kind of food crisis.

Maybe you will hear this from the Oval office too.
"They(Indians), are also causing the current oil crisis ".
With international oil prices set to hit an all time high of 150$ per barrel, Mr. Bush could accuse us of that also.
As in the case of food , Americans do not have a hand(or even a leg), in this. Because they have only only three cars on an average for a family of four and they generate only half of there power from oil.

Now this one is also ACTUALLY possible.
What i mean is that, Mr.Bush could righteously accuse the Indians, for blowing one big hole in the Ozone layer
right above America. Any guesses how the hole happened? The Indians are letting out some serious Ozone depreciating particles through their FART...!!! And the highly directional, farts have been successful in creating that hole, right above America.

Pheewww. Hope that I am not being watched by the CIA.